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Ignition Point: Start Your DEI Journey

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Transformative Odyssey


  Revolutionize, Reignite, Rule: A Year of Radical Transformation  

Phase 1-3:

Groundbreaking Beginnings

  • HR Ignition Kit & DEI Launchpad:  

    • Spark your transformation with a dynamic start. We initiate with comprehensive audits to deeply understand your current practices, setting the stage for monumental change.

  • Establish robust HR policies and pioneering DEI frameworks that are declarations of your unwavering commitment to transformative change.

  • Launch a series of impactful DEI awareness trainings—this isn’t just education; it’s a cultural awakening.

Phase 4-6:

Strategic Integration 

  • HR Expansion Arsenal & DEI Integrator:  

    • As your foundational changes take root, it’s time to elevate.

  • Seamlessly integrate advanced HR functionalities and DEI principles deeply into the operational core of your business.

  • Transform recruitment, enhance performance management, and conduct leadership workshops that don’t just inform but fundamentally reform the core of your leadership strategies.

Phase 7-9:

Leadership Empowerment

  • HR Strategy Vanguard & DEI Vanguard:  

    • Now, focus on your leaders. With tailored coaching and specialized training, this phase prepares them to lead the cultural shift from the front.

  • Implement advanced DEI tracking and analytics for strategic reviews and real-time strategy adjustments, ensuring your leadership is not just involved but fully empowered.

Phase 10-12:

Culture Mastery

  • HR Performance and Engagement Catalyst & DEI Catalyst:  

    • In the final stretch, cement your new culture with sophisticated engagement strategies and a continued series of enhancements.

  • Conduct a thorough campaign of employee engagement initiatives and conflict resolution training, ensuring every layer of your organization is prepared for the future.

  • Assess the year’s initiatives with precision, crafting a strategic path forward that ensures your culture remains dynamic and your policies effective.

Final Rally & Future Command 

  • Endgame Strategy and Forward Planning:  

    • Conclude your transformative journey with a comprehensive strategic review—celebrate successes, reflect on challenges, and prepare for ongoing development.

  • Set the framework for continued excellence in HR and DEI with a clear, actionable plan for the future because transformation isn’t a milestone, it’s an ongoing journey.

This transformative experience is designed exclusively for serious organizations committed to real change.

Interested parties will undergo a rigorous application process to ensure alignment and readiness for this intensive program. To maintain the highest level of commitment and ensure resources are aptly allocated, 75% of the program fee must be paid upfront.

Set the framework for continued excellence in HR and DEI with a clear, actionable plan for the future—because transformation isn’t just a milestone, it’s an ongoing journey of excellence and commitment.

Image by John Schaidler


Reach out today for a free discovery call to learn how CultureShift HR can support you on your journey to becoming a more diverse and inclusive workplace.

At CultureShift HR, we prioritize DEI in our design thinking process. This means that every program, training, and HR support you receive from us is built with a sense of belonging in mind. 

CultureShift HR is your partner in creating DEI-focused HR solutions to meet your ever-evolving needs.

Our personalized HR solutions and strategies help you elevate your business and your workforce while creating a culture of belonging and inclusion for all.
Team Meeting


Travis D.  |  Head of Culture

A number of our team members reached out to me and said they had taken lots of DEIB training, but this one was the first time they really enjoyed it, and something seemed to connect.

So Alysha, thank you for the way that you were able to craft the content and deliver the content to help us build a culture that is aware and building on the foundations of inclusiveness.

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