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4 Tips for Navigating the Workplace During Unprecedented and Uncertain World Events

As much as we want to be “business as usual” the two-year-long pandemic, and the events of the past week require us to take a breathe and re-think our notion of “normal”. Our colleagues and team members are in a state of worry, fear, and uncertainty. As employers, brands, and partners we need to help support the wellness of our people to the fullest extent.

Here are some easy and effective ways to help your teams to take a breath.

Let’s put the schedule and back-to-back meetings aside:

With news being on all fronts of world events, giving some grace on timelines, projects, and work for the day is key. This gives your colleagues a chance to digest what is happening, reach out to family members and friends and re-center themselves in the midst of the constant information that is following.

Reach out and connect:

Creating space for your team to connect and share their concerns with you and one another is vital. If the pandemic has taught us anything it is that we need to lean on one another in times of crisis and uncertainty. Set up a zoom call and create space for your teams to talk and share.

While some may opt out, others may desperately need an opportunity to come together.

Remind colleagues of internal mental wellness resources and benefits to help themselves and family members:

We all have varying views and needs when it comes to mental wellness. Knowing that there are many that may have family or relatives in Ukraine they can't reach can cause large amounts of anxiety and stress beyond anything expected before. Reshare and inform your colleagues of your Employee Assistant Programs (EAPs) as well as other resources they can utilize to connect one on one with specialists and health providers. If capacity permits, allow their family members to have access to these resources as well.

Be kind and show compassion:

Showing kindness and compassion can be the one thing that gets your team or colleagues through the day. Offering to get them a coffee or tea, helping them with deliverables, or just being available to listen can be an incredible offering of support.

Never underestimate the power of kindness and how it can bring people together in incredible ways.

At CultureShift HR, our thoughts and prayers are with those in Ukraine and other countries facing unprecedented challenges. We hope that if anyone needs resources, advice, tips, etc. to help them navigate this time, you won’t hesitate to reach out and connect.

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