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Professional Development

Confidence and Branding

Knowing who you are is one thing, but understanding your personal brand and communicating it is a whole other story. Learn how to discover, understand and communicate your personal brand to potential employers and networks to set up your relationships for success.

Network Like You Mean It

Lasting relationships is a valuable opportunity to best prepare for your career goals. When you invest in your relationships professionally and personally, it can pay you back in dividends throughout the course of your career and in everyday life.

Learning How to Communicate Like A Pro

In today’s day and age, communication is everything. Learning and understanding your communication style and methods that are best to get your message across in a concise and impactful way are vital to ensure success.

iGrow: Employee Development for High-Performance Activation - 6 week series


Program Overview

iGrow: Employee Development for High-Performance Activation is a six-week, 90 min session custom-designed professional development program specifically curated for employees. It helps to teach and deepen understanding of the fundamentals of confidence, personnel branding, communication, and networking to excel in their workplaces for optimal performance.

Through the results of this program, employees will be more self-assured, know how to conquer imposter syndrome, and evolve into confident and self-assured employees with an increased desire to excel.

Topics Include:


  • How To Show Your Value as An Employee and Team Member

  • How To Gain and Utilize Confidence

  • How To Feel Empowered as an Employee

  • How To Network and Build Your Career

  • How To Effectively Communicate and Position Yourself as An Expert 

  • Strategic vs. Tactical: How to discover and activate your strategic side

Manager Fundamental Training



Unfortunately, we are not born with the skills of how to be a good manager. From leading and managing ourselves to be a good performer is much different than training, managing, mentoring developing, and supporting others to do the same.


With the CultureShift Manager Fundamental Training, your managers will learn the basics and fundamentals of how to be a good manager in all areas of the employee lifecycle. From how to have challenging conversations to navigating hybrid settings and teams, your managers will learn and have the tools and applications to be empathic, supportive, and engaged to get the best of themselves and their teams.


Each session will have:


  • A series of pre-work to prepare for the lesson ahead

  • 2-hour training which will contain a mix of content facilitation and round table discussions to ensure an engaging learning experience to get support and solutions.

  • Available 1-1 office hour availability to discuss any issue to challenges and how

  • Topics include Purpose and activation of the Manager role, Learning and Navigating in a hybrid setting, the importance of Effective Communication and Active Listening, Building Trust and Micromanagement, Giving and receiving feedback, managing employee conflict, creating vision and strategy for your team, how to support DEI as a manager

Managing Hybrid Teams Successfully

Managing a team successfully and ensuring a cohesive and collaborative culture is one thing, but adding a hybrid structure into the mix becomes a more unfamiliar landscape for success.

Excelling In a Hybrid Workplace

Working in a hybrid setting can be overwhelming to navigate, especially when you are also focused on growing and managing your career. Communication, connection, and community are key elements in a hybrid setting to ensure you have the resources you need to set yourself up for success today and in the future.

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